Gentleman’s Antique Gold Knob Walking Stick

Edwin H. Fitler, Mayor of Philadelphia 1887-91, had parlayed his partnership in a family cordage manufacturing company into his own firm, which became one of the largest rope producers in the United States.  During the Civil War, he raised and funded a company of the 93rd Pennsylvania Infantry comprised entirely of his employees. George Uhler, the presenter of this walking stick, was a member of that company, and it is likely that the stick was offered in gratitude for Fitler's efforts during the War.  Among his many distinguished civic and political endeavors, Fitler was President of the Union League of Philadelphia in 1891-2. As a refined object of historical memorabilia, the walking stick with its Civil War-related inscription and the symbolism of the engraved cordage roll weaves exquisitely two of the major themes in Fitler's public life.